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+  DISCLAIMER: These are simplified instructions as to how to set up and run
+              Thermostat on a local system. For production systems see
+              instructions in our user guide (see REFERENCES).
   cd into distribution/target/image directory just created
-  On first run, set up thermostat using:
+  On first run, set up thermostat using the interactive script:
   Or, alternatively, for development:
-  This sets up authentication. thermostat-devsetup is NOT recommended for
-  production use.
+  This sets up a mongodb user for the thermostat database. That user will be used
+  by the thermostat web application to connect to mongodb. Note that Thermostat
+  users and their respective roles will have to get defined via the following
+  files:
+  etc/ (users with password)
+  etc/ (role memberships for users)
+  thermostat-devsetup is NOT recommended for production use.
   To start the agent and the db:
   bin/thermostat web-storage-service