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@@ -65,8 +65,9 @@
                             <li><a href="#cacerts">Certificate Authority File (cacert)</a> </li>
                             <li><a href="#compilers">Compilers</a> 
-                                    <li><a href="#msvc">Microsoft Visual Studio</a> </li>
-                                    <li><a href="#mssdk">Microsoft Platform SDK</a> </li>
+                                    <li><a href="#msvc32">Microsoft Visual Studio Professional/Express for 32 bit</a> </li>
+                                    <li><a href="#msvc64">Microsoft Visual Studio Professional for 64 bit</a> </li>
+                                    <li><a href="#mssdk64">Microsoft Windows SDK for 64 bit</a> </li>
                                     <li><a href="#gcc">Linux gcc/binutils</a> </li>
                                     <li><a href="#studio">Sun Studio</a> </li>
@@ -789,11 +790,11 @@
                     Install the
-                    <a href="#msvc">Microsoft Visual Studio Compilers</a>).
+                    <a href="#msvc32">Microsoft Visual Studio Compilers</a>).
                     Setup all environment variables for compilers 
-                    (see <a href="#msvc">compilers</a>).
+                    (see <a href="#msvc32">compilers</a>).
@@ -958,7 +959,7 @@
                     are also an option, although these compilers have not
                     been extensively used yet.
-                <strong><a name="msvc">Windows i586: Microsoft Visual Studio Compilers</a></strong>
+                <strong><a name="msvc32">Windows i586: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Compilers</a></strong>
 <b>BEGIN WARNING</b>: At this time (Spring/Summer 2010) JDK 7 is starting a transition to
@@ -971,14 +972,13 @@
 We do not guarantee that VS2008 will work, although there is sufficient
 makefile support to make at least basic JDK builds plausible.
 Visual Studio 2010 Express compilers are now able to build all the
-open source repositories, but this is 32 bit only, since
-we have not yet seen the 7.1 Windows SDK with the 64 bit
-compilers. <b>END WARNING.</b>
+open source repositories, but this is 32 bit only. To build 64 bit
+Windows binaries use the the 7.1 Windows SDK.<b>END WARNING.</b>
                     The 32-bit OpenJDK Windows build
                     Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 (VS2010) Professional
-                    Edition compiler. 
+                    Edition or Express compiler.
                     The compiler and other tools are expected to reside
                     in the location defined by the variable 
                     <tt>VS100COMNTOOLS</tt> which
@@ -1001,14 +1001,33 @@
                     The path <tt>/usr/bin</tt> must be after the path to the
                     Visual Studio product.
-                <strong><a name="mssdk">Windows x64: Microsoft Visual Studio Compilers</a></strong>
+                <strong><a name="msvc64">Windows x64: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional Compiler</a></strong>
-                    On <b>X64</b>, the set up is much the same in VS2010
+                    For <b>X64</b>, builds, when using the VS2010 Professional
+                    compiler, the 64 bit build set up is much the same as 32 bit
                     except that you run <tt>amd64\VCVARS64.BAT</tt>
                     to set the compiler environment variables.
-                    Previously 64 builds had used the 64 bit compiler in
-                    an unbundled Windows SDK but this is no longer necessary.
+                    Previously 64 bit builds had used the 64 bit compiler in
+                    an unbundled Windows SDK but this is no longer necessary if
+                    you have VS2010 Professional.
+                <strong><a name="mssdk64">Windows x64: Microsoft Windows 7.1 SDK 64 bit compilers.</a></strong>
+                   For a free alternative for 64 bit builds, use the 7.1 SDK.
+                   Microsoft say that to set up your paths for this run
+    c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\bin\setenv.cmd /x64.
+                   What was tested is just directly setting up LIB, INCLUDE,
+                   PATH and based on the installation directories using the
+                   DOS short name appropriate for the system, (you will
+                   need to set them for yours, not just blindly copy this) eg :
+    set WindowsSdkDir=c:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~1\Windows\v7.1
+    set PATH=%VSINSTALLDIR%\vc\bin\amd64;%VSINSTALLDIR%\Common7\IDE;%WindowsSdkDir%\bin;%PATH%
+    set INCLUDE=%VSINSTALLDIR%\vc\include;%WindowsSdkDir%\include
+    set LIB=%VSINSTALLDIR%\vc\lib\amd64;%WindowsSdkDir%\lib\x64
             <!-- ------------------------------------------------------ --> 
             <h4><a name="zip">Zip and Unzip</a></h4>