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8027958: NASHORN TEST: Create tests to test markdown javascript engine work with Nashorn Summary: markdown test fix contributed by kshefov Reviewed-by: jlaskey
author sundar
date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 19:02:43 +0530
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<p>Create a new <code>function</code>.</p>

<p>Use the backtick in MySQL syntax <code>SELECT `column` FROM whatever</code>.</p>

<p>A single backtick in a code span: <code>`</code></p>

<p>A backtick-delimited string in a code span: <code>`foo`</code></p>

<p>Please don't use any <code>&lt;blink&gt;</code> tags.</p>

<p><code>&amp;#8212;</code> is the decimal-encoded equivalent of <code>&amp;mdash;</code>.</p>